Tuesday, May 7, 2013

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

Reviewed by: Sabrina
Rating: ****

I'm not usually the type that reads reviews on a book before I purchase it which seems strange since I review books.  I like to form my own opinions about a book.  Since I'm a writer myself, I know how sometimes a bad review for one person may be an awesome review for another.  I do admit to perusing the reviews for this one mainly out of pure curiosity.  The third book in this series was so awesome to me and had such an amazing ending that I couldn't imagine where else this series could go.  Apparently there were several people with this same assumption.  A lot of people didn't entirely give it the best review but I am a fan of the series so there wasn't much that could stop me from buying the fourth and giving it a fair shake. 

My opinion: I thought it was tastefully done.  Yes, you can't help but feel sorry for Simon who, bless his heart (the southern coming out in me), just can't get a fair shake.  How Simon survives with so many awful things constantly happening to him is beyond me.  Most people would have been past suicidal after the turn of events he's faced with but he handles it like a champ. Perfect, no, but a champ nonetheless. 

Yes, you can't help but get frustrated with Clary and Jace's relationship as they fall apart due to Jace's unusual behavior but you understand where his behavior is coming from near the end of the story.  I have to admit, I'm not entirely happy with the ending of this fourth book as I'd finally just like to see Jace get a fair shake too instead of constantly being in a state of depression, and I'd like to see him in a place where he is finally in control of his own destiny.  I trust Cassandra Clare to make that happen as she is a very creative writer and I'm excited to see what happens next.  Let's just hope poor Simon and Jace finally see some happy endings come their way.
And finally, I'd love to see Clary step up and be the awesome hero I know her to be instead of weak and constantly in need of saving.  I love the story where the woman is well protected and saved by the hot and strong male lead but I get the feeling that there is something special about Clary we have yet to see. 

Awesome job to Cassandra Clare. Well written as always.

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