Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Mind Readers by Lori Brighton

The Mind Readers (The Mind Readers, #1)
Review by: Carrie
Rating: ****
A girl is tormented by an ability to read minds and her grandmother refuses to teach her anything about her ability. A tragic incident occurs that makes her question everything her grandmother's ever told her about hiding her ability and a sexy stranger adds even more questions to the mix.
This book had me on my toes the entire tome and kept me wondering who really was the good and bad guys. I must read the second book The Mind Thieves that came out in April of this year. It is a must!

The suspense killed me and had me reading at crazy hours of the night. Her characters are well constructed and easy to like, but she keeps you at arms length never knowing who to believe. I felt as if I was the main character living the moments myself. Her story is carefully constructed and played out perfectly.

I found through reading this book that even the slightest grammar error throws me completely off. The use of then is used once when it should have been than. That drove me crazy! The couple of spelling errors didn't do anything to take away from the story. All books are bound to have one or two typos. The grammar mistake, however, should have been caught.

Another thing that drove me nuts was the fact that the author used the word tennies when referring to tennis shoes. It may be because I'm from the south, but it really got on my nerves!
With that said.... This book is still greatly written and deserves a shot! You won't be sorry!
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