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Neighbors and Wise Men by Tony Kriz

Rating: *****

Hearing from God is extraordinary. But the circumstances He uses to reveal Himself may be more ordinary than we think.
Neighbors and Wise Men introduces captivating dialogues and unexpected moments with God that go beyond the confines of a conventional religious system and offer the chance for powerful life transformation.

Get to know Tony Kriz (known by many as "Tony the Beat Poet" in Donald Miller's best-selling book Blue Like Jazz) through his real-life conversations and experiences that prove that God can and will use anyone and anything— from Muslim lands to antireligious academics to post-Christian cultures—to make Himself known.

Through his own prodigal-son backstory and return to faith, Tony presents biblical truth in a conversational, but bold light that offers readers the courage to open their eyes to the unlikely encounters that are all around us every day; chance run-ins that turn out to be anything but chance.

My Take:

I cannot express in enough words how much I truly LOVED this book.  It was a read that I would recommend to anyone.  I grew up in the Bible Belt where religion is often looked upon in a very strict way and everything is followed to the rule.  Most outside of the Church and the Churchs beliefs are often frowned upon which is something that I have always had a hard time dealing with.
I like to think of myself as a Christian with an open mind and Tony Kriz thoughts are so very similiar to the ones that I have had and struggled with many times in my lifetime.  Why can't we love all our neighbors even those that don't fit in the world of what's right in our religious frame of mind.  Some of those that I have met and have taught me some of my most valuable lessons about God, were those that didn't fit in the box.  They were those that had lived a life that most would frown upon.  But as a result, some of them had become some of God's biggest supporters and teachers.  But even though their lives had been touched in profound ways, some churchs still would not accept them because of their past mistakes. Why? I cannot begin to understand that.

I have to admit that I have not always lived the Godly life.  I've made many mistakes along the way and I know that I'm bound to make more which is why I'm blessed to know that we have a forgiving God.  This book showed me that in so many ways and the conversations Tony had with many of his friends and colleagues made perfect sense.  It opened my eyes to a whole new world.  Made me realize that life is what we make of it when it comes to sharing God's love. 

I have been truly blessed with 3 beautiful children.  My oldest was diagnosed at the age of 3 with Autism and she is non-verbal for the most part.  Reading Kriz's book made me take a step back and watch and the first thing I noticed came from my daughter.  Brianna doesn't understand all the same rules and principles that have been drilled into me over my lifespan but what she does understand is love.  She will walk up to some folks and give them the biggest hug.  A lot of children with Autism are stand offish, a trait that somehow Brianna missed along the way but I have been told by many that she has humbled them even with that small action.  This book reminds me of that.  It's like getting a hug from my daughter.  She may not know that person, their religion, their pasts, but she hugs them anyway.  I like to think that she senses those around her that need it just like God accepted those considered below standard. 

Thank you to Tony Kriz for his story.  I will never forget it.

Reviewed by Sabrina from Color the Pages. This book was reviewed from Book Sneeze,

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