Saturday, September 1, 2012

Winter's Awakening

Winter's Awakening
Author: Karen Luellen
Review by: Carrie Jernigan Ham
Rating: ****

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I downloaded this book because it was free, only to realize it's a saga! I enjoyed the book enough that I will finish the series.

I've never read about 'metahumans' before and it took a bit to rope me in. I fell in love with the main characters right off the bat because the author paints a picture of innocence when it comes to them.  They are all very likable and easy to get attached to.

Sometimes the way things play out have me thinking, really? The fact that once they all realize what they are they can all of a sudden tap into very detailed memories that their 'meta' brains never remembered before was somewhat unrealistic to me. It wasn't too unrealistic to ruin the story or the plot. I enjoyed this book more for the characters and want to finish to find out what happens to them.

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