Friday, September 28, 2012

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth: Book II in the Acropolis Series
Author: R.K. Ryals
Reviewed by: Sabrina
Rating: *****

"There are countless wise quotes that wax poetic about choosing a path in life, poetry about the road less traveled, but there is nothing that says either path is easy. Each path requires sacrifice, each path is full of scars." ~Emma Chase

My name is Conor Reinhardt. I am a gargoyle Guardian in exile for killing my own. My mark is safe, the group of hybrids we've led from the Acropolis, secure. There's a new hybrid king in the Outer Levels of Hell, and he needs the Acropolis refugees. I expect the journey ahead. I even expect the danger. I don't expect the shadows that haunt me, those beckoning spirits of guilt that never let me sleep. Guilt from killing my own. I don't expect the things the hybrids learn about themselves. I don't expect many of the challenges in our path. I'm not sure I even expect us to survive The Labyrinth.

I was so very lucky to get a chance to read this book in advance.  Acropolis is a series close to my heart. I'm absolutely in love with the storyline.  For starters, it's unique.  R.K. introduces a society of Hybrids...children born from demon/human relations that have to fight for a place among the outer layers of hell. Emma Chase is one of those hybrids, who in the first book discovers that her mother is a very powerful demon.  In comes Conor, a gargoyle that has been found in disgrace by the Gargoyle society for aiding his best friend Dayton (who happens to be Nephilim) and Marcas (the demon she is bound to) in a power struggle with the ruler of Hell, Lucifer.  Conor is given the assignment to guard Emma as she struggles to understand her new identity and survive being trained at a school for Hybrids called the Acropolis.  However,there are bitter feelings from many of the Gargoyles as they are made to protect the hybrids.  Gargoyles are raised and trained from childhood to protect others from evil so to be asked to protect the hybrids, who are born from evil, is almost to much to ask.  This leads to a risky escape for the hybrids with the aid from a few fellow Gargoyles who have mixed feelings about their role in protection.  These hybrids are asked to train and risk their lives in a move to protect their race by attaining the Spear of Destiny hidden away in a Labyrinth designed to kill them in anyway it can. 

This is where the huge supporting cast comes in...the students from the Acropolis that not only train together but eventually become a family in their own right.  Emma who is born from a very powerful demom and feeds off the emotions of others (or so you think) to give her great power and who is fully in love with Conor, although she fights these feelings as hard as she can.  Lyre is a character that most females are trained to loathe.  With the ability to entice a man just by a stare and a look, she is the type of person that makes most women cringe.  Bruno, the dirt devil himself, is the kind of man most women swoon over.  Who doesn't like the whole quarterback physique and hard nosed personality?  Fiona is a girl that I wouldn't dare think to mess with...shall we say she is an electrifying character.  Hesther and Gwenyth, twins who you can't help but love because they have that valley girl type personality but the kind of girls you'd want to have on your side if jilted by an ex...their power is much to be desired when it comes to getting even in that department.  Gray, who appears to be the grundgy, loner type.   And then there is the imp, Deidra who might be small in size and a character that is very much overlooked but I wouldn't trade her off by a long shot. She has a lot to prove and even small in statute she proves her importance. 

You can't forget those sexy Gargoyles who make up the story for me.  Conor is my storybook crush.  I just love his character.  I feel like I've known him my whole life.  He has unbelieveable sex appeal but what makes him even sexier is that he's far from perfect.  He has lots of demons to fight (not literally) emotionally when it comes to deciding right from wrong.  He is thrust into making the decision to aid in a fight against the one thing he has been raised to hate.  Hate is such a strong emotion and he has to decide which team to play on.  Will is Conor's cousin and in my opinion the rock Conor needs to lean on to make the big power struggle decisions.  Their wit and humor toward one another will keep you laughing even during the tension filled scenes in the book. 

Let's not forget the even bigger supporting cast that pretty much finish building the stage: Dayton, Marcus, Luther, Alessandro, etc.  Without these particular characters, you would not have this story.  A story that is full of adventure, soul searching decisions, developing friendships, blossoming romance, wittiness....I think you get the idea.  If you are looking for a story that will have you planted to your seat until the very last page, this is a must read.  It's a story that's new and refreshing.  A story line that brings to life a society that you rarely read about: The Gargoyle society.  You hear about vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, etc.  But seriously how many books out there contains a goodlooking Gargoyle as it's main character and hero.

Sooooo....don't blame me if you are left drinking that extra cup of coffee in the morning just because you couldn't wait to turn the next page.  Oh wait, do blame me and drink an extra cup just for me :-)

Below are the Kindle Links for The Acropolis and The Labyrinth. Enjoy!!! 

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