Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Books for Bri

Many of you that have visited our blog have probably seen the links to the right for our our Amazon Associate store and one called Books for Bri. 

This store has a lot of meaning for me and recently got featured in our local paper. 

I have lots of passions in my life.  One of my biggest passions obviously is my love of books.  This review site wouldn't exist if I didn't have a big place in my heart for the written word as I'm sure my other book clubbers would agree 100 percent with.  One of my BIGGEST passions of all; however, is my children.  Becoming a mom was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  Since all our members are moms as well, I know that they would also agree. 

When my oldest, Brianna, was diagnosed at the age of 3 with severe Autism.  My life came to a stand still.  I cried awhile and felt so very alone and lost for 2 reasons 1) I had never heard the term Autism and 2) I didn't know anyone that had a child with Autism.  I felt like a blind person trying to find my way in a dark, unfamiliar place.  I'm very grateful for the family, friends, doctors, and teachers that I have though that pushed me and helped me in my research and were right there with me as I learned about Brianna's world more and more each day.  I also have to say that I appreciate modern technology because it gave me the "know it all" information to seek out new discoveries and places and to teach me most of what I know. 

I started selling books with my sister a couple years ago online for the simple fact that both of us were stay at home mom's with a passion for books but also because income can be tight with children especially when you have one that has special needs.  Then my dear old sister, had to leave me to my own devices when she wrote her first book and left me to selling books by myself.  Love you sis!  In saying that, I am very proud of her for her accomplishments so it didn't really irk me that much, just love giving her a hard time. 

Not long after, I opened up my Ebay store to help me aid in all the needs that were required in caring for my daughter and my other children.  One lovely afternoon, one of my best friends, Carrie, asked if she could do a book drive and do it in honor of my Daughter.  The book drive started and was a huge success. Lot of books were donated and soon after, the store was renamed Books for Bri.  Carrie (who also happens to be one of our members and reviewers on here) also encouraged me to use the store as a way to bring awareness to others about Autism.  Because of her, Books for Bri took off and I continue to use the drive page which you can visit and like if you want!

This page is used to post on Brianna's progress and to post all things books and Autism.  In other worlds

Educating 1 book at a time! 

Thank you to all those that support me and all the friends I have made along the way. Thank you!!!

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