Monday, August 13, 2012

The Memory Jar by Tricia Goyer

The Memory Jar
Author: Tricia Goyer
Reviewed by: Sabrina Williams
Rating: ****

Many folks have probably discovered that I am a very diverse reader.  I hop from Romance, Christian Fiction, YA Paranormal, etc.  I just love a good book.  If the book is worth reading, I believe it's worth reading no matter the genre. 

With that being said, I'll continue on to my most recent reads that I have finished....beginning with this one.

I love a good clean romance from time to time.  One that not only touches your heart but also your soul and this book did both for me. 

Sarah Shelter is an Amish girl from Montana that is faced early on with the death of her best friend Patty in a boating accident.  She let the grief touch her in ways that closed her off from enjoying life to the fullest until a night lost in the woods with Jathan, an Amish man from Ohio, changes her way of thinking and gives her the strength to start to move forward. 

This book is based around Sarah's memory jar.  It's just a plain jar that she sticks small objects into when she is in a special place or wants to remember a special memory. As she collects these treasures, she begins to realize that she's trying to live in the past instead of moving forward as her best friend would have wanted her to do.  The book focuses on this jar and her journey of learning to let go and make the best out of her life as she focuses on her dream to become an accomplished baker.

Jathan, the man Sarah is destined to fall in love with, has problems of his own.  He dreams of running a bakery instead of working in the factory his father has set up for him to work at.  He realizes that he has found a soulmate in Sarah, not only as a person but also with someone that shares his dreams and goals in life.  Just when Jathan feels like all the pieces are falling into place, a tragedy sends Jathan home to pick up the responsibilities his father has in place for him. 

The story touches the soul.  It makes you think about life in general and you can't help but appreciate the things in life that make you who you are.  It answers questions that many people ask themselves in life but also focuses on the responsiblites that life sometimes has a tendency to dish out on us.  If you are looking for a novel that will make you feel what the character feels, this is a wonderful choice.  I will give an early warning that it is a slow read.  There were places in it that would drag here and there but the author was so well at delivering her message, that it did not bother me in the least.  Sometimes a slow read can be a good thing especially if you live in a household with three young children running around :-).  So grab a blanket and a pillow and enjoy!

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