Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Corpse Goddess

The Corpse Goddess
Author: Kristi Jones
Reviewed by: Sabrina
Rating: ****

Party girl Meg Highbury wakes up the morning after her twenty-first birthday with one hell of a hangover—and a walking corpse in her apartment. Meg turns to her straight-laced neighbor Armando for help, and together they discover that Meg is a Valkyrie. What’s more, her first duty is to trade places with the corpse.

But Meg is being sent to her Death Duty too soon. In a race against time, Meg frantically tries to find a loophole to avoid her gruesome fate, but while Meg is determined to live whatever the cost, Armando's strict moral principles keep getting in the way of her plans for escape.

Can Meg walk the “right” and narrow path, possibly sacrificing her mortal life, for love? And if she can, will Armando have the stomach to love a rotting corpse of a girl who is falling apart in more ways than one?

My Opinion: 
Well Written.  Very Descritive. The Author knew her information and you can tell she put in a ton of work on research and detail.  I love it when an Author dives right in and you can FEEL the passion they have for what they do.  The story just pops out of the pages and it almost feels as if the characters are right in front of you.
No slow read here!  It started off action packed with Meg waking up with a zombie of a corpse standing next to her bed and stayed action packed all the way to the end. 

The Nitty Gritty:
Now that I have pointed out the reasons why this book was a well written read, let's get on to what I think of the story itself.

I haven't read many fact, I don' t think I have read any books that involve a Valkyrie.  This was a first for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading something refreshingly new even a little out of my total comfort zone for the paranormal world.  There is romance...not any kind of romance but a true romance because if you can truly love someone that is actually falling apart.... literally....then that's got to be true love.  Not the kind of love where you wake up with bad breath, bad hair, or even gassy and your significant other just laughs or tells you "Oh honey, I love you no matter what you look like in the mornings or how you smell!"  No, the kind of love where you literally watch the person you love decomposing in front of you and you still want to kiss them and love that's true love.
Be prepared for the descriptive side. I pride myself for having a really tough stomach raising 3 kids, one being a little boy and one being Autistic, I never know what they are going to come up with or show me especially during the worst times possible such as at the dinner table. 

This book was soooooooooooo well written in the detail department that there were several times I honestly had to lay down a snack or even a plate of food because it was no longer appetizing.  That says a lot for me, especially since some of those times consisted of my favorite desserts and I'd about fight the devil for my cheesecake ;-)  Jones certainly did her research on the decomposing corpse.  I felt like I was Meg as she fought the urge to throw up several times as her body continued to break down from being human to the grave.  I felt her frustrations, her fear, her disgust as she learns about what is happening and I was on the edge of my seat everytime they got close to "fixing" the problem.

All in All:  It was a well written story with lots of adventure, romance, guts and gore (literally), and bits of crazyiness.  Not for the faint of heart or the younger crowd but a definite read for your TO READ list.

Many thanks to the Author who allowed me to review this book!!

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