Monday, August 13, 2012

Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges
Author: Nadege Richards
Rating: *****
Review by: R.K. Ryals

Burning Bridges is a great debut novel for Richards. Considering this is the author's first release, I felt she did an amazing job. She definitely has a talent for storytelling. This book is an intense read about forbidden love between a New Haven warrior princess (Echo) with an Old Haven Hunter (Ayden). Richards creates a vivid, rich dystopian world reminiscent of the Ancient Roman era. It is divided by class, New Haven and Old Haven.
What I like about this book:

1. I am a big historical romance/fantasy/paranormal/dystopian fan, and I enjoyed the fact that Richards mixes a New World dystopian idea with romantic elements, dresses, kings, queens, peasants and etc.

2. The beginning drew me in. Placing the two main characters in a life or death situation where they will not only have to fight to the death, but fight each other really sets the stage. No one can argue that our society enjoys blood shed. The ancient Romans proved this with the Coliseum. The idea that our world could revert to watching humans being sacrificed for pure entertainment isn't impossible.

3. I really liked the names that Richards gave her characters. They were very original.

4. Most of all, this is a great example of what two people will do for love, a love so great it raises you above your prejudices.

All in all, Burning Bridges was a great debut novel from a very promising author. I look forward to the sequel, and to any other works the author has planned.

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