Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer of Promise

Summer of Promise

Author: Amanda Cabot

Reviewed by: Sabrina

Rating: *****

This was my first book by Amanda Cabot and I can tell you up front that it will not be my last! 

The story centers around Fort Laramie, Wyoming in 1885.  Abigail Harding receives letters from her sister in Vermont and due to the uneasiness she feels by the mood her sister sets, she decides to travel to Fort Laramie to make sure her sister is ok.  Before she even arrives at the Fort, her stagecoach is hijacked by bandits and they are saved from having their values stolen because Lieutenant Ethan Bowles happens to be on the stage coach and is there to save the day.  You can’t help but love Ethan.  His character is my favorite out of all the characters.  

Once arriving at Fort Laramie, she discovers her sister in poor health but learns that the reason for her health is the expectation of her first child.  She decides to stay till the end of the summmer to help care for her sister.  In doing so, she gets caught up in helping to figure out who is staging all the stagecoach thefts, giving the idea to hold baseball games for the soldiers, teaching German soldiers how to read, helping a wayward girl find her way, etc.  Will Abigail decide to stay in Wyoming especially after Ethan starts to play such a huge role in her life or return to Vermont where is engaged to Woodrow, her beau back home? I’ll let you read and find out!

 Cabot has a way with words and the way she sets the mood for a scene is captivating.  I’m a huge fan of several different genres, my favorites being Christian fiction and YA paranormal which is on far ends of the spectrum from each other ironically.  In saying that, this book holds one of the many reasons why I have fell in love with Christian Fiction.  Being a girl from the South amid the Bible Belt so to speak, this book tells a love story like it should be told.  Pure, sweet, innocent, and full of love.   It tranports you back in time making you want to stay there long after the story has ended……

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