Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Review! Wind Over Marshdale

Wind Over Marshdale

by Tracy Krauss

Published by Astraea Press

Reviewed by Sabrina

Rating: ****


This book revolved around several characters.  There really wasn’t one main character.  Each individual had their own story, their own purpose.  The people that I noticed most however:
Thomas: a Native American man that has moved to Marshdale in anticipation of opening up a cultural center based around history centered at Old Man’s Lake. A place where his people played a significant role.  He brings his two children with him to make a home and is still grieving over the loss of his wife.  He fights prejudice in the small town and battles his own demons as the story progresses.
Rachel: A schoolteacher from Toronto that moves to Marshdale to escape a failed relationship and a family that she no longer feels a part of.  She gets involved with two of the main characters but only one plays out into love. 
Pastor Todd:  A Pastor who has moved his family to Marshdale to start anew after being falsely accused of molesting a board member’s daughter at the church he was assigned to previously.  He fights some demons and skeletons in his closet that you will discover as the reader gets more involved in the story.
Con: A farmer and a strong member of the community that is very strong in his faith.  His character is a very strong character in the book and you see him continuously.  He fights a few demons of his own but he still remains steadfast the stronghold throughout the novel.  He is by far my favorite character of the story. 
There are other characters in the novel but they mostly play supporting roles.  The book mainly hops back and forth between the characters listed above and you read the book in their point of view as they each tell a story. 
I’m a huge fan of old movies.  TCM is a channel I watch a good bit.  In saying that, if you have ever seen the film Peyton Place, this book almost feels like you are reading a Christian version of this old film.  I love that movie so I would be fooling myself if I said I didn’t like this book because truly it was very good.  It was a long read for me because there were so many characters to follow and so many supporting roles that you had to keep up in order not to get lost, however, you feel connected to each character.  You can feel the writer’s likes or dislikes of a particular moment or situation as each person progresses through a new drama or challenge.  There was a definite atmosphere to each scene and you can’t help but feel connected to each one because every scene in this book is so true to real life situations. 
If I had to describe this book to a person that’s not into old movies and is scrunching up their face in confusion to my reference to Peyton Place then I would sum it up….
7th Heaven MEETS Dawson’s Creek. 
Kudos to the Author…she did a great job. 
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