Friday, July 13, 2012

New Review! Redemption Series by Member Carrie

The Redemption Series

Author: R.K. Ryals

Reviewed by: Carrie (By The Cover Book Club Member)

Rating for series as a whole: *****

Since I haven't reviewed each book individually I will review it as a whole. I sat down yesterday morning to start Retribution (the 3rd and final book).. I finished it by 4pm if that tells you anything!

I first met R.K. when a mutual friend told me she was writing a book. I was so giddy, I had to meet her! Little did I know that her writing would amaze me to such an extent.

This series is a refreshing twist on my usual YA Paranormal reads. It takes the reader into a whole neatly woven story of angels, demons, witches, and even gargoyles.

Redemption. The first book in the series, starts slow and takes a while to pull the reader in. I later found out that this series has such detailed characters and that slow start is what helps the reader understand each individual character in their own right. Do not let the pace of the first book fool you.

Once I started Ransom ( 2nd book) I quickly learned that it was fast paced and full of action. I fell In love with the characters by the second book. I feel that the way Marcus and Dayton fell in love was so well thought out. This wasn't a love at first sight, so experiencing the two fall for each other was interesting because of the several different emotions they felt throughout their journey.

Retribution (3rd book) still gives me chills as I write this review. I'm utterly amazed at how this book pulled me in and refused to let go! I read this whole book in the matter of hours.

One kiss, that was the most physical this book got, but yet that one kiss was written so intricately that the one kiss alone is enough. Just enough. Most authors take a kiss way too lightly. Or in my opinion they do.

I also am very in awe because minus the demon/angel aspect there is a message to young girls that makes my heart swell. The kind of love R.K. describes in this book is real and honest. It shows young girls that will be reading these books that love is more than anything physical and if the young adults reading this series seek out their own Marcus or Dayton they will learn what being loved is really about.

I hope to one day see this series and her other works sitting in a bookstore with the best selling

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