Tuesday, July 24, 2012

City of Bones

City of Bones
Author: Cassandra Clare
Reviewed by: R.K. Ryals
Rating *****

I think it's pretty safe to say I am a teensy bit, somewhat, okay...a LOT behind on reading this book. And darned if I know why because I truly enjoyed it. It is very different. Very fast paced and emotional.

That said, honestly,  I didn't feel an immediate connection with Clary to begin with. She seemed distant, a little unemotional to me, and more than a little naive. For one, I felt she was entirely too hard on her mother. But...she DID grow on me. Hence, the reason I still gave the book five stars. If there had been no emotional and maturity growth for Clary,  I would not have enjoyed it as much as I did. she did grow, and along the way, she even starts to see her own weaknesses and realizes her own naivety. It made me feel more for her and made me pull for her.

At first,  these shadowhunters seem like kids playing at being warriors and maybe that's exactly what they are to begin with. I mean,  they have all lost alot. Many of them enough to feel like they have nothing more to lose. They have a lot to explore about themselves. Their sexuality, love, and loss. Even lies and gain. THIS is what made me like the book. The growth. The turmoil in the midst of fast paced action. And yet,  despite the fast pace, the relationships and emotions are allowed to grow rather than being rushed.

I loved Jace's character from the beginning. He is cocky as hell with an attitude and sarcasm to boot but it makes you want to try harder to understand him, to break down his barriers, to get to know him. In the long run, there is just something incredibly endearing and even sad about him.
I don't really feel as connected yet with the rest of the supporting characters though they are all great. I do love Luke as a father figure for Clary.

But the biggest thing about this book is the somewhat disturbing twist at the end. OMG! If the author wanted to hook me, she did simply because I hope what is revealed simply is NOT true!!!! So yes,  this girl will be hurriedly buying the next book.
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