Monday, June 4, 2012

New Updates!!!

I'm very excited to share with our members all the things happening on our site and I can't wait till the meeting to meet with everyone to share what's new!

Newly updated Book Reviews tab!  Check it out along with all the other new tabs available.  Please send any info you would like posted along with the tab you want it posted in to so I can update all our members faves, reviews, blogs, etc.! 

We also have a new facebook page!   Yay!  Although there's not much on it yet, in fact, not much at all, lol, but check back often as I hope for it to grow quickly.

And yes, still to come, we also have a Goodreads account :-)   Please email any reviews or books read so I can add them to our Goodreads page.. we will discuss this at our meeting! 

Thanks guys and remember our next meeting is coming up this weekend!!!  Hope to see you there! 

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