Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hunger Games and Eye Candy

The members of By The Cover took a much anticipated trip to see the Hunger Games the Saturday after opening. Every where we looked were Katniss Everdeans. The now famous braid graced more than 3/4 of the tween viewers heads. Not to mention the squeals for Peeta and the 3 fingered salutes. We had entered the Hunger Games fan club rally. This member was less impressed with the movie than the other members BUT I honestly think that is because the books were so great. The movie changed too much for my taste, and as you will soon learn...I don't like change. If you say we are eating spaghetti lets eat spaghetti. Don't change it to Alfredo at the last minute. That's how I felt during some of the scenes of the movie. Moments where people bonded will now be forever changed just so they could save some time.? Hello....have we all forgotten Titanic?!? That movie was nearly 4 hours long and people STILL love it! Including yours truly! As a matter of fact I'm going to see it in 3d because 13 ish years ago this girl was pitiful and didn't have a hand to hold during the opening of Titanic not to mention it ran for 3 weeks before I even got To see it! Sad. I know. Anywho! Ill leave you will my disappointment in Hunger Games the movie, (Again this is ONLY because the books set such a high goal to obtain.), AND a little eye candy; )

Don't you feel inspired to pick up a book already! I know I do!-Audrey

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