Friday, March 9, 2012

Welcoming New Members, March's Book and Project Ideas!

Hi all!
We had a great meeting today. Welcomed new member Alaina W. Discussed our Hunger Game plans and enjoyed some yummy food! By the time we were done I was stuffed to the gills and couldn't eat another bite! One great thing about book club meetings...we don't just eat chips and dip. :) On todays menu, stuffed peppers wrapped in bacon, cocktail sausages, creamy hot chipotle dip, and chocolate iced cupcakes. Ahhhhhhh delicious!
We also discussed Torn by Erica O'Rourke. I think for the most part we shared the same opinion. While we enjoyed the book we all felt that some of the name dropping of name brands were a little unrealistic for a 17 year old girl who's going through such a rough time. If I had to deal with Darklings I certainly wouldn't be worried about half of the brands she focused on. Not to mention at the beginning of the book, when Mo was in the hospital after being VICIOUSLY attacked by the Darklings, she's focused on the good looks of Luke.
I just couldn't see anyone being focused on the cute Dr. while throbbing with pain. All in all though I, personally give the book 3 1/2 out of 5 stars! I enjoyed it enough to purchase the sequel, Tangled as did Sabrina! Regina didn't find it as much to her liking. Once I started ignoring all the name dropping I absolutely couldn't put it down! So great job Erica O'Rourke! I know that this BTC blogger can't wait to see what comes out of your mind next! :)
Also we drew our book title for March! And the new book isssssssssss......The Book of Spells by Kate Brian!!! Here is the synopsis:The year is 1915 when sixteen-year-old Eliza Williams arrives at the Billings School for Girls in Easton, Connecticut. Her parents expect her to learn the qualities of a graceful, dutiful wife. But Eliza and her housemates have a dangerous secret: They're witches. After finding a dusty, leather bound spell book, the Billings Girls form a secret coven. Bonded in sisterhood, they cast spells--cursing their headmistress with laryngitis, brewing potions to bolster their courage before dances, and conjuring beautiful dress out of old rags. The girls taste freedom and power for the first time, but what starts out as innocent fun turn sinister when one of the spells has an unexpected-and deadly - consequence. Magic could bring Eliza everything she's ever wanted... but it could also destroy everything she holds dear.
Our very own Sabrina W. came up with a wonderful idea! This summer we will be starting a program geared toward educating and entertaining young minds! We will include projects such as Seuss week, Fourth of July, Farm week, etc. We have so many ideas in the works, but I don't want to give them all away! Stay tuned for many fun weeks to come!
Be sure to also look forward to these upcoming blog posts!
A photo blog of our Hunger Games outing, and a review on the movie, as well as a review of the Connor spin off from the Redemption series, Acropolis by our own R.K. Ryals! This spin off was in such high demand and Connors character so loved R.K just had to make her fans happy. :)
So with that being said, grab a book, grab some iced sweet tea, cocoa, or coffee, and relax! Until next time!
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Some of the Recipes at BTC meeting:

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